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Hello everyone The RAZ Band is happy to announce that the order link for our brand new album " #9" is now available on our Merchandise page. Produced and mixed by Joey Molland. For the first time ever RAZ Band member Joey Molland sings lead vocals on two of the tunes, the rocking "Breadline Love" & the epic "Let Me Tell You". We had a great time creating "#9" and we hope you enjoy it. Peace, love & rock n roll.

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(The RAZ Band left to right: Jim, Raz, Joey and Hutch)
The RAZ Band Live "Up Close & Personal" December 8, 2018
Then that same evening I tooled over to the legendary Center Staging recording studio in Burbank and attended the recording session of a live album by the talented ‘New Jersey boy’ (Madison Park to be exact), Michael Raz Rescigno’s killer Power Pop band The Raz Band which is produced by Badfinger’s, Joey Molland. They have an album to be released called #9 which they performed some of the songs last night for a selected group of people. I was completely in awe by the way they sounded and the energy Michael had, coupled with the chemistry between him and Joey. Wow! They have been entertaining audiences for over 35 years. #9 should be on everyone’s rotation!
Thank you Michael for inviting me and to Joey who consistently puts a smile on this recycled teenager’s face.
Dyana Levinson December 9, 2018 Facebook
This show was recorded to be released as a bonus disc with the new RAZ Band album "#9"
The new album “#9” by The RAZ Band has been completed. Produced, mixed and mastered by Joey Molland. Featuring eleven new songs, #9 will be Released by the Gonzo MultiMedia Group on March 30, 2019
The RAZ Band's award winning album, "Madison Park " is now available for digital download. To Buy the album or buy a song, Just click on the link:
"The RAZ Band Rocks!" T-Shirts are now available to purchase. Only $15 + shipping. These awesome shirts are available in sizes from Small to XXX Large. If interested, please visit our Merchandise page.
Thank you for your support.

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